Tarkine believes that the running shoe industry has swept consumers away in a sea of disinformation and fads. 

We will never pretend that our shoes will make running injuries a thing of the past, or make you fly or float on clouds . You will never hear us say that stupid term - ‘energy return’. 

We won’t pretend to know the ideal stack height or drop of a shoe, we are all different and there is very little science to support the claims made by numerous running shoe brands.

What we will do however, is say it how it is; our running shoes are comfortable, light, bouncy, durable, fast, cool looking, environmentally friendly, with a toe box that allows runners toes to function naturally. 

Most importantly, we promise to put the environment before profits, doing the right thing at all times, even if it costs us more money and reduces margins.  Our mission statement and eco-friendly credentials set us apart.