Recycled Polyester

Recycled Polyester - TARKINE RUNNING


Even today, the majority of the world’s largest athletic companies are using minimal amounts of recycled materials. Choosing to increase their profit margins rather than doing what’s right.

Tarkine recycles used plastic bottles, unusable manufacturing waste, and used clothes into polyester fibres to produce our polyester clothing. 

Using recycled polyester lessens our dependence on petroleum as a source of raw materials. It reduces the build-up of waste clothing, which therefore prolongs landfill life and reduces toxic emissions from incinerators and waste processing plants.  Tarkine’s involvement in the polyester recycling industry, helps to promote the recycling sector and encourages other brands to do the right thing.  The end result is far less air, water and soil contamination compared to using nonrecycled polyester.

However, using recycled polyester is far from perfect.  Every time polyester based apparel is washed, small microplastics are released into the environment. To read more about this matter please refer to this article from The Guardian.  Tarkine is working towards limiting the use of polyester products and will continue to strive towards this goal.

Watch out of the Global Recycling Standard logo when shopping, a globally recognised method of certification.