Run to Paradise Episode 8 : “Existence is playful right?” - Milly Young

Run to Paradise Episode 8 : “Existence is playful right?” - Milly Young - TARKINE RUNNING


“Milly Milly Milly

You’re a silly billy

It’s way too chilly

To climb up hilly”

Milly by N.R.Allbrook

Milly Young climbs up glacial mountain faces and runs across boggy wildernesses and just seems to be having a wicked time doing it. She set the FKT for running the 165km from Scotts Peak Dam to Cockle Creek in Tasmania, but the most impressive thing for me is the joy with which she approaches the sport. There's so much self flagellation, over analysis and gnashing of teeth in the running and adventure world - overcoming pain. Pushing the limits. GETTING and STAYING HARD (sic.) but she does it for the most obvious and sublime reason of all - it’s fun! This hit me like a mighty blast of fresh Swiss mountain snow right in the face.

In this chat we also figured out Milly is an experimental ambient sound artist and a studio engineer and she didn’t bloody know it, which to me epitomises something very cool which is easily lost from art and outdoor movement - that it holds inherent value, no matter the kudos. You might "be" something without wearing the glittering badges or yelling it from the rooftops. 

We also talk about sounds, her kangaroo shod Dad, b&s balls (not as sordid as it sounds*), fear, adventures in the Alps and much more. 

From Kojinup to Chamonix, the wonderful, gutsy and inspiring Milly Young.