Run To Paradise Podcast Season 2 Episode 8: Peter Bibby - Strong, Noble and Astonishingly Good Looking

Run To Paradise Podcast Season 2 Episode 8: Peter Bibby - Strong, Noble and Astonishingly Good Looking - TARKINE ATHLETICS


Firstly, APOLOGIES! I’ve been touring and whatnot and it is proving very difficult to finish episodes of this podcast while driving around America playing rock-band-shows. I’ll get back to it when I’m back :) thanks for your patience (there must be in excess of 5 people who care!)

ANYWAY this might be the most stuffed episode I’ve ever made, so hold onto yr jocks!

What can I say about Peter Bibby that hasn’t been said before. He is a legend of the DIY punk?metal?? scene when I first met him and his completely bizarre band called Frozen Ocean - the most original music from Perth ever made. A true expression of what happens if you give 2 weirdos from Midland a lot of red cordial and weed and a whole lot of time to get insanely tight and follow their madness and talent down whatever feral rabbit holes they please. 

Pete is a big big strong boy, a plasterer, a smart and generous friend and a fabulous songwriter and I’m not just saying that because I love him dearly (which I do), but he is. His music is consistently inspiring and open hearted and interesting and hooky, and he’s releasing a new record soon called Drama King. Pete beat me when we did the first Jog Dogs half marathon. Pete ran a big trail race in Tasmania recently and we didn’t even talk about it in this episode coz we’re fools. It was in the Tarkine rainforest which is great coz this podcast is sponsored by the shoe company called Tarkine who make sick and very durable shoes. I just busted a pair of asics to smithereens in about 3 months and my Tarkine Goshawks were fine after 4000 kilometres (no shit). Thanks Tarkine xxx

This is a very very very silly two way interview (as in, he interviews me too) which is replete with panting and wind noises, so if you are an audiophile in any way, probably don’t listen to this. We tried to go at a conversational pace but we panted haaaard nonetheless. Probably because I was suffering from a terrible, cruel and dumb self-inflicted sickness, conceived in the nighttime and born in the morning. We also swear quite a lot so watch out if the littlies are in the room. 

We talk about Titus, songwriting, running slowly, Pete giving up drinking alcohol, Australian tradie culture, getting punched, plasma and a bunch other stuff. I put in spooky noises too because i guess we’re spooky boys. 

Much love and thanks for yr patience :)