Run To Paradise S2 Episode 6: Deo Kato - Cape Town to London

Run To Paradise S2 Episode 6: Deo Kato - Cape Town to London - TARKINE ATHLETICS

Hi Champions! It’s me, Nick, howsitgarn? Great to hear. I’m coming to you from my hotel room mid rock band tour so excuse the grubby sound quality in the intro. 

This episode is a chat with Deo Kato, a ridiculously strong runner, community leader and activist. Inspired by the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955, when African Americans in Alabama staged a civil rights protest for 381 days Deo started the Running for Justice movement, where he ran 10ks every day for 381 days. This movement was taken on by other members of the running community and has now become some kind of epic protest relay that has been going for 4 years! The longest continuous protest of its kind I think!? The ripples this has caused is a testament to Deo’s strength as a leader and his ability to rally people around a cause and inspire with a positive message. 

But now he’s taken on something waaaaaaaaaay bigger. He’s running from CAPE TOWN TO LONDON. My mind ist blown. Deo is tracing the path of human historical migration, as our species spread across the globe from our roots in Africa. He is showing the world that we are all one people, who have - and can again - achieve incredible things. The elegance and power of this message is unlike anything I’ve seen or heard to be honest. It feels almost artistic in its scope and message. 

Anyway enough of my jabbering, listen to Deo explain it heaps better than me, then click the link below and donate to his cause because it is of great significance to all of us! And Deo is a lovely lovely person even though he's probably heinously tired.

Thanks for listening!

And thanks Tarkine for the support you guys firkin rock