Sustainable Timber Tasmania has released plans to clearfell about 4569 hectares of hardwood plantation and native forest in the North-West.

The three-year plan also outlined STT's intentions to log and regenerate nearly 6600 hectares of forest in the North-West, 44000 hectares across the state and, notably, only a handful of coupes in the Tarkine

Bob Brown Foundation campaign manager Jenny Weber said "significant" areas of the Tarkine - such as in the Sumac forests - had been left out.

"While our Foundation is analysing the logging plans we have noticed a temporary reprieve for significant areas of forests in the Tarkine where our protests have taken place in the last five years," she said.

"Rainforests and ancient forests have been removed from the logging schedule in the Tarkine's Sumac, Frankland river and Rapid river areas."

STT did not directly respond when asked why the areas had been omitted.

Ms Weber said the BBF was concerned that habitat for endangered species still remained on the schedule.

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