Takayna/Tarkine Ultra – Run to Save Wild Places

Takayna/Tarkine Ultra – Run to Save Wild Places - TARKINE ATHLETICS


What if you could run to save one of the last truly wild places on earth?

Currently, in Tasmania’s North-West corner, there are protesters chaining themselves to trees or occluding the path of bulldozers.

Tireless protesters, putting their lives on hold to help save one of the world’s most beautiful temperate rainforests (and Australia’s largest), Takayna/Tarkine. Takayna/Tarkine is one of the last, truly wild places on earth. Such largely undisturbed extensive tracts of cool temperate rainforest are extremely rare worldwide.

It is a living example of one of the most primitive vegetation formations on Earth. Providing a unique window into our planet’s ancient past, the cool temperate rainforests in Takayna were once widespread across the ancient supercontinent Gondwana. It is home to some of the best-preserved plant fossil sites in the world, dating back 65 million years.

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