Our Mission

Our Values

Our company values reflect those of minimalistic runners, who believe in the power of nature, and the need to protect what we have left.


Quality Products, Without the B.S.

We believe in making amazing products, suitable for elite athletes or casual wear. However, we have a bias for simplicity; less bling, less in your face, more practical. 


Business as Activism

We believe that not all activists chain themselves to trees. By creating a company that values environmental responsibility above all else, we can do our part, by directing much needed money to the frontline fight against the destruction of our old growth rainforests and other wild places. 1% of every Tarkine sale, indefinitely, will be donated to help save the Tarkine Rainforest. And another 1% of every sale will be donated to 1% for the Planet.


Recycling Program

When our shoes reach the end of their lifecycle, customers will be invited to return them. We’ll ensure they’re recycled effectively for efficient use in a variety of products. We are proud to be the first running-footwear company to offer this initiative. 

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Always Improving

We acknowledge that we can always improve the way we do things. By minimalizing our creation of microplastics, to being more and more selective on what factories we choose to work with,  to working towards the goal of being a carbon-positive company. 


We Run to Save the Tarkine

We are out to change the industry, and in doing so, we aim to help save the Tarkine.  The Tarkine is a beautifully wild old-growth rainforest in Tasmania, Australia that is home to more than 60 species of rare, threatened and endangered species - a home that is under attack from logging, mining, and off-road vehicles. 


Going it Alone

The running shoe industry has an awful environmental record. It’s our goal to ignore the way things are usually done, to set our own path.