Tip to Toe - for Aussie at-risk wildlife


 Tarkine supported athlete Erchana Murray-Bartlett is working in collaboration with the Wilderness Society to put the spotlight on Australia’s extinction crisis. She's running a marathon every day, all the way from the tip of mainland Australia (Cape York) to the toe (Melbourne) to spread a very important message – Extinction is a CHOICE. That’s right, 155 consecutive marathons to be the voice for our native animals. The GOAL to raise $62,000 will go a HUGE way into preserving the parks and ecosystems that home our treasured animals and to help ensure these beauties are still around when our children are. That’s $10 for every kilometer Erchana runs to save our wildlife!!

Funds raised from Tip to Toe will go towards:

-Educating communities on acting on the extinction crisis before we lose Aussie biodiversity.

-Supporting the Wilderness Society’s work to see Australia’s nature protected. -Advocating towards protecting our natural ecosystems and the incredible wildlife within them.

-Creating and producing a documentary showcasing Australia’s nature – and the highs and lows of this wild run!

Donate: https://bit.ly/3OsMLoN