(New) Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses (unisex) - Premium  from TARKINE RUNNING - Just $170! Shop now at TARKINE RUNNING
(New) Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses (unisex) - Premium  from TARKINE RUNNING - Just $170! Shop now at TARKINE RUNNING

(New) Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses (unisex)

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Introducing the Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses – where premium quality meets unbeatable performance. Unisex and designed for the active lifestyle, these polarized sunglasses offer UV50 protection, combining durability with style.

Crafted with precision, the Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses feature high-quality frames that withstand the demands of any adventure. The polarized lenses provide superior clarity, reducing glare, and offering UV50 protection against harmful rays, while also resisting scratches and smudges.

Not just an accessory, these sunglasses are an investment in your vision. The lightweight design ensures all-day comfort, making them perfect for both high-intensity activities and casual wear.

Elevate your style and performance with Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses – the ideal choice for those who demand the best in every aspect of life. Choose excellence, choose Tarkine Sprint.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eleanor Williams
Scratch and Smudge Resistance

The frustration of dealing with scratched or smudged lenses is a thing of the past with the Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses. The lenses are resistant to scratches, ensuring that your vision remains crystal clear. Additionally, they repel smudges, allowing you to enjoy your adventures without constantly reaching for a cleaning cloth.

Michael Adams
Durable for every adventures!

These sunglasses are built to last. The frames are not only stylish but also sturdy, capable of withstanding the challenges of various environments. Whether you accidentally drop them or subject them to the wear and tear of an active lifestyle, the Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses are designed to endure.

Jamie F.
Awesome choice

Whether I'm hiking, biking, or just strolling around, these sunglasses keep my eyes protected and my style on point. The Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses are a must-have for anyone seeking reliable eyewear for their everyday adventures!

Elaine G.
A Game-Changing Blend of Style and Performance

Tarkine Sprint Sunglasses are a game-changer for me. The unisex design suits my lifestyle perfectly, and the durable frames handle everything effortlessly. The polarized lenses offer clear vision, and the UV50 protection is no joke. Lightweight and comfy for all-day wear, these sunglasses are more than just style – they're a solid investment for my active lifestyle.